Super Shine Coil Cleaner

Super Shine coil cleaner is an environmentally safe blend of detergents, wetting agents and water conditioners for cleaning and deoxidizing condensers and evaporator coils.

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Farrar Filter Company, Inc is now selling Super Shine coil cleaner.

Super Shine completely meets today’s needs as both condenser and evaporator coil cleaners. Super Shine coil cleaner product does not contain extremely dangerous including hazardous hydrofluoric acid. Super Shine is completely environmentally safe. It does not contain acids, but is a blend of synthetic detergents, wetting agents, and water conditioners for the single purpose of cleaning and deoxidizing condensers and evaporator coils. Many competitive coil cleaners are only heavy duty degreasers. They only remove the dirt and grease, and do not remove the oxidation. It is more important to remove the oxidation on the fins, as this oxidation retards the heat dissipation. A clean deoxidized fin can transfer heat at 100% efficiency.

Super Shine is also non-flammable.

There is no cleaning job any easier than cleaning and deoxidizing air conditioning coils with Super Shine Coil Cleaner. Both the cleaning and deoxidizing are done in one easy operation. Super Shine is formulated to work without brushing, scrubbing, or the need for high pressure water. Just spray it onto the coils under low pressure, allow to remain until you see the chemical reaction (usually 30 to 60 seconds), then simply rinse thoroughly with fresh water (never allow the coil cleaners to dry on the fins).

Super Shine Coil Cleaner Customer Benefits

Environmentally safe – does not contain hydrofluoric acids
People safe – safe to handle (non acid)
Not harmful – will not fatigue metal or reduce metal thickness
Retards pitting – clean surface stays clean longer
Increases efficiency – cleaning improves heat transfer and cooling efficiency
Save electricity – motors and compressor need to run less frequently
Eliminates down time – coil cleaned in place
Prolongs life of equipment – more units break down because they are not cleaned
Easy to use – spray on and rinse off
Economical – it is concentrated to be diluted with water
Saves labor – works fast; units cleaned in place

Super Shine is available in a 1 gallon jug or 5 gallon pail.